Saturday, March 28, 2020
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MacLeods Plumbing

Serving Guelph, Fergus and surrounding area, Macleod’s Plumbing & Water Conditioning ensures the safety and durability of your home, commercial and industrial property.

Inefficient plumbing can cause severe problems to the structural integrity of your property. Your investment in your property and its fixtures can be compromised when your plumbing system begins to leak, becoming inefficient and potentially damaging. Whether you have a flooded basement, or have a leaky sink, Macleod’s Plumbing and Water Conditioning can help!

We don’t stop at the pipes. We also specialize in complete water care. The professionals at Macleod’s Plumbing and Water Conditioning will inspect your home and its water supply and recommend a water system that works best for you. We will make sure your water is safe and your investment in it is protected.

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